Recommended Reading

This page lists some of my all-time favorite books.  Whether you’re just poking around and want to learn more about a veggie lifestyle, or whether you’re all-in and want to learn what to do, or whether you’re a seasoned pro and are looking fore more material, you’ll find something here for you.  I’m listing the books in the order in which I’d suggest a newbie read them but feel free to comment if you have questions about what might be best for your particular situation.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.
Exposes the undeniable links between diet and heart disease and teaches you how to make yourself heart attack proof.  Hint: It’s easier than you think.  Also includes loads of recipes.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
Focuses on the links between diet and cancer as discovered through decades of research.

Forks Over Knives by Gene Stone, T. Colin Campbell, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. 
Cliffs’ Notes version of the documentary discussing the issues pointing to a veggie lifestyle – improving everything from heart disease and diabetes to the environment to animal welfare and politics

Eat to Live by Dr. Joehl Fuhrman
Describes the concept Nutritarian, coined by Dr. Fuhrman.   It explains how and why eating the wrong foods causes toxic hunger and the desire to over consume calories; whereas a diet of high micronutrient quality causes true hunger which decreases the sensations leading to food cravings and overeating behaviors.  It instructs readers on how to leave behind the discomfort of toxic hunger, cravings, and addictions to unhealthy foods.  While there’s a focus on weight loss, this is also an excellent read for anyone looking to simply improve health.

Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Discusses the different nutrient values of various foods and teaches how to unlock the powerful protective phytochemicals that are available to all of us.  Learn how to protect yourself against the common cold, flu, and many other infections, not to mention cancers, autoimmune disorders, and so much more.  As a side note, I haven’t been sick in over 8 months….

Food Revolution by John Robbins
One of my all-time favorites and a must-read for anyone remotely curious about what the western diet is really responsible for.  I consider it a more in-depth version of Forks Over Knives, discussing all of the issues we deal with in our modern world, all pointing to the almost too obvious cure-all of a veggie lifestyle.  Interesting twist is that author John Robbins descends from Baskin-Robbins fame and a childhood that was dominated by all the wonderful ice cream creations his father was responsible for.

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
This is a fabulous, easy to read book about how to change your diet to save yourself, feel great, lose weight, save the planet, and be kind to the creatures that share it with us.  You’ll feel like Alicia’s best friend by the end, and you’ll get to indulge in a world of new flavors and tastes through her recipes.

The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn
Learn about the professional athlete-turned-Texas firefighter’s bet that turned a whole  fire engine company toward a veggie diet to save one of their own.  Try the 28 day challenge they committed themselves to.  You won’t believe the results.  Excellent recipes here too.

Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur
Learn about the amazing people that started Farm Sanctuary and why there is such a need for their work.  From selling tofu hot dogs at Grateful Dead concerts they funded the humble beginnings of one of the most important movements to end factory farming.   Learn about the obstacles they overcame and learn how you can help too.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy
Take some time to consider the above title by reading this book and really asking some hard questions.  Why do some animals get the life of luxury and others are simply commodities.  Who decides, and why do we all go along with it?

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