If You’re Reading This, You’re on the Wrong Blog!

Hello Friends!

Please subscribe to the new Beans Not Bambi blog so you don’t miss exciting upcoming content!

Beans Not Bambi has a new and improved website located at www.BeansNotBambi.com.  It is no longer hosted by WordPress, so even though you’ll see lots of similarities, it is actually a completely independent site.  This means that if you subscribed to BNB anytime prior to June 2015, you are only subscribed to the old blog and won’t be receiving any new content.

Please come check out the new site and subscribe so that you get a friendly e-mail heads up any time there’s a new post!  I just posted a few new recipes last week that you might have missed.

Here’s a direct link to the blog.  Simply enter your e-mail address on the right hand side (or scroll to the very bottom on the mobile site), where it says Subscribe.

See you soon!



  1. villapriscilla says:

    I did sign up-I thought! So why is this still coming???

    📝 from Villa🎨Priscilla 📝


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