The Key to Ultimate Weight Loss

In response to my recent success story I’ve been getting a lot of questions about exactly what I’m doing.  What is the Ultimate Weight Loss Program and how do I get started?  The “program”, as I usually refer to it, was originally taught as a multi-day seminar in-person by Chef AJ and John Pierre in Los Angeles.  But since there are beautiful people everywhere looking to achieve ideal weight, vibrant health, and balanced brains, they decided to create a digital version to begin sharing with people who couldn’t make it to the program in person.  Thank goodness they did!

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program has multiple components.  I’ll try to sum it up as best I can, but please understand this is NO substitute for participating yourself!  This is merely an explanation of what the program is all about so that you can better understand it and decide for yourself if it’s something you would benefit from.  So, keep reading, or just take my word for it and sign up.  You won’t regret it!

  • There are 4 DVDs that teach you everything you need to know (also available as online videos).  These are recordings of a past live seminar (Over 6 hours of information) so it’s a very thorough explanation with charts, graphs, some cooking demos, and lots of humor and entertainment.  Among other things, the DVDs will teach:
    • Getting the food right – AJ explains her Red Line chart for calorie density which is the simplest eating ‘plan’ I have ever seen or heard.  Understand the concepts behind calorie density, satiety, and the pleasure trap, and you’re well on your way.  (I’ll do a separate post on this as the food seems to be the most common question people have!)
    • How to move – As JP explains, it’s great to go to the gym an hour a day, but if you’re sedentary the other 23 hours every day, you’re not going to make much progress!
    • Getting in shape mentally (both from an emotional eating aspect as well as from an effective positive attitude aspect)
    • How to navigate real life situations.  Sure, it feels good to be like everyone else but when everyone else is overweight, sick and tired, and suffering from one disease after another, you’ll learn it’s way better to stay true to your own goals.
  • Group support is a HUGE component of this program.  There is a private Facebook club for people in the UWL program.  New members are welcome all the time, but you get out of it what you put into it.  Showing up on “the boards” is like showing up for an AA meeting in a way – you gotta be there to get the support.  The beauty is that there are so many of us from all parts of the country and world that there is always someone awake and ready to answer your questions!
  • Group coaching calls – Throughout the 21 Day Challenge, you’ll have 4 coaching calls.  These are group conference calls open only to people in the current challenge group.  You’ll dial in and listen (there are hundreds of people on the call, so you do all the listening and prepare to take notes).  Calls might be coaching information directly from Chef AJ and/or JP, or they might include interviews with notable experts.
  • Access to Chef AJ and JP through the Facebook group.  Among all of their busy endeavors, Chef AJ and JP are on the boards all the time, answering your questions, providing guidance and support, and reminding you that they’re doing this with us all day every day!
  • Recipes – Let’s not forget the recipes!  Included with the program is a 21 Day Recipe Guide that you’ll receive by email.  These are just a great variety of options to get you started cooking in a new way, compliant with UWL.  There are an infinite number of meals you can make, so don’t think these are the only things you’ll be eating.  A lot of these recipes are geared toward batch cooking so you have lots of leftovers to freeze or save in the fridge for later in the week.

So when I refer to “UWL” or “The Program”, now you have a better idea of all that it entails.  I cringe whenever anyone says I’m on a ‘diet’.  It’s so much more than that!  To learn more about exactly how and what we eat, stay tuned.  You can also follow my food journal (called BeansNotBambi) on the TwoGrand app.  In order to remain accountable to others and to keep me honest, I post every meal there, usually with photos.  It’s a great place to get ideas, and also to understand why I’m never hungry.  You won’t believe the volume of food I eat every day.


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