Simple Ideas For Entertaining

A dinner party is suddenly just around the corner.  You have no idea what to prepare.  You don’t want to serve up disease promoting plates, do you?  That is so unfashionable these days.  But how do you satisfy everyone’s palettes while ensuring it’s also a healthy meal you can feel proud to serve?  Just keep it simple, plan in advance, have a few options, and POW!  A delightful dinner is served.

There are countless recipe guides out there.  You can go crazy looking for just the right dish. Chances are great that you can prepare any of your go-to favorites and your guests will be just as thrilled.  This is what I served recently.  It was so simple and tasty!  Not every single thing was compliant with the Ultimate Weight Loss program (and of course I didn’t eat it if it wasn’t compliant!) but certainly most of it was.  Next time I’ll be more confident and I’ll just make everything the way I would eat it!


Oil free hummus (mine was homemade but you can find some in the stores too).Raw veggie medley – broccoli, carrots, sweet peppers (variations are endless here).
Tortilla chips and salsa.

Main Dishes

IMG_2206 IMG_2209

Veggie burgers with fresh tomato, onion, avocado, and all the typical fixings.
Waffled potatoes (These were my bun, but they were a fun side dish for everyone else).
Roasted asparagus with lemon, garlic, and salt-free seasoning.
Five bean salad (not pictured).



You can truly never go wrong with a colorful display of fresh fruit for dessert.  The variations are endless.  Find what’s in season or what speaks to you that day and serve it proudly.  We opted for fresh pineapple, mango, and raspberries.  I dare someone to not enjoy that!  It might not sound terribly exciting if you’re used to serving chocolate lava cake, but presented as the dessert du jour, most people will dive right in and enjoy every bite.

The tried and true policy here is keep it simple.  Don’t over-think it and don’t overdo it.  One dish meals are a great option too.  Those might leave you even more time to enjoy your company since all of the preparation is in advance and nothing is left until the last minute.  You can even serve a crock-pot stew over baked potatoes or host a make-your-own-potato party with a buffet lineup of tater toppers.  You will revel in the simplicity.  Your guests will delight in making their own creations.  Everyone wins and everyone is just a little more likely to be healthy enough to enjoy next year’s celebration too.



  1. villapriscilla says:

    This all looks amazing and amazingly simple as you said. Perfect for those summer parties and outdoor dining that is coming right up!

  2. Elaine Holderny says:

    Did you make your waffle fries Chris? I love them-but not the preservatives in the frozen ones- did you pre cook the potatoes? or just waffle iron them? and the fruit medley looks wonderful! Actually the whole spread looks great. and one more question-what balsamic vinegar do you prefer to add to your food?

    • Yes I made the potato waffles! I cooked the potatoes in advance (Yukon golds worked better for me because they’re softer than russets). It’s such a great way to spice up a baked potato with no oil, no preservatives!

      I get all my balsamics from The Olive Tap in the Strip District. You can so order online from Anything labeled ‘Riserva’ is extra thick so it feels just like a salad dressing but without the oil.

      Favorites include Coconut White Riserva, Lemon White Riserva, and Raspberry Riserva. Let me know if you try them!

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