Eating Healthy While Travelling

It’s tough.  Really tough.  I can admit that.  I just got back from an amazing 10 day vacation in Montana and I fell off the wagon.  Hard!

It’s not impossible, and I try not to make excuses, but eating well on the road can be hard.  Eating SOS-free when you’re eating out a ton is temptingly difficult.  Here are a few tips, some of which are things I did that worked.  Others are things I wish I did, and will try to do next time!

  • Scout out the Options.  If you’re going to be eating out a lot while you’re on the road, scout out healthy restaurants in advance.  Know which ones will cater to your needs, and which will have menu options that you can easily modify to suit your needs.  Ethnic restaurants are almost always veg friendly, so that’s a good place to start. is a great website that lists and ranks veg friendly restaurants nationally.  Many cities also have a vegan restaurant guide like  Check those out in advance, save some links and notes in your phone, and get excited about trying new places.
  • Plan Ahead.  If you’re eating in, plan your meals ahead so you can grab a few quick things at the grocery store or farmer’s market and whip up something tasty and healthy.  No one wants to spend all night cooking on vacation, so make it easy on yourself.
  • Bag It.  Brown bag it, that is.  Pack a lunch if you’re going to be somewhere you know will be tough to eat healthy.  Some places are still health-food-deserts and you’ll have no choice but to brown bag it or cheat.  Set yourself up for success with healthy snacks you’ll be anxious to eat, and less tempted to cheat.
  • Let it Go.  If and when you decide to cheat, let it go.  Move on.  Get over it.  And get back on track with the very next meal.  Nothing sabotages a healthy eating plan like guilt.  It’s way too easy to beat yourself up and feel like you’ve ruined every inch of progress you’ve made.  If you’re an emotional eater, it’ll be super tempting to give up and sabotage yourself the next several meals just because you cheated on one of them.  Don’t fall victim to that trap!  It’s the addiction trying to sweet talk you into going down a path you don’t want to go down!  Stay strong, move on, get back on track with the very next meal!
  • When you get back home, rededicate.  Go get groceries right away so you have fresh produce ready to prepare.  Get your meal plan ready for the next week, and get started!

Happy Travels!


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