My Unprocessed Menu Day 6

Breakfast: Easy Everyday Oats.  

Starting to see why I named them as I did?  I seriously start almost every day with these oats.  Oatmeal is an amazing food – full of fiber which has been credited with lowering cholesterol.  It’s also a perfect medium to mix in the seeds that are so crucial for a balanced nutrient profile.  Having oats every morning is as crucial to my daily routine as brushing my teeth!  Check out this short video which convinced me to stick to this routine.  You won’t believe the results!

Snack: Apple, Decaf Soy Latte

Lunch: Restaurant – Vegetarian burrito bowl from Chipotle
Brown rice, black beans, pinto beans, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, corn salsa, light guac, greens on top

Dinner: Leftover Peanut Ginger Veggie Stir Fry over brown rice
Time saving tips:

1) When planning ahead, try to pick a couple of recipes that can use the same veggies and make those in the same week.  It’ll streamline your grocery list which will streamline your shopping time.

2) Try to keep it simple.  Cooking unprocessed really isn’t that hard.  Don’t make it so!   Most Americans rotate through the same 5-7 recipes every week.  All you need are 4-5 go-to recipes that you really enjoy.  Add in a couple new ones from time to time and you’ll have a satisfying menu full of variety.  Don’t think you need to have 365 veggie recipes in your repertoire in order to eat healthy.  That’s just silly!

Looking for some inspiration?  Check out Chef AJ’s Unprocessed or her entertaining cooking videos on The Chef and the Dietitian


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