Adopt a Turkey – It’s Never Too Late!

Farm Sanctuary does some amazing things every single day of the year.  This month’s campaign might be my very favorite activity though.  The opportunity to adopt a turkey for Thanksgiving is really a special opportunity that serves to remind us all what this holiday is all about.  It’s about community, sharing, giving, and celebrating.  There’s no place in it for cruelty, death and dismemberment, pain and torture.  Make a choice this Thanksgiving to sponsor a turkey at Farm Sanctuary.  The sanctuary provides turkeys a wonderful life that all turkeys and all animals deserve, yet so few are exposed to.   Support their continuing efforts to provide shelter and life-long homes for farmed animals.  Support their wonderful outreach efforts, and keep this wonderful tradition alive and well.

Adopt a Turkey for Thanksgiving, and you will enjoy immeasurable joy yourself!

Check out this video showing adorable footage of the Celebration FOR the Turkeys that Farm Sanctuary hosts each year.  Turkeys are the guest of honor at this feast:

Celebration FOR the Turkeys


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