Adopt a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Many holidays can be tough on the animals which can make them challenging for vegans and vegetarians too.  Most of the time, the out of sight, out of mind factor kicks in and you can transport yourself to a happy place as needed.  For Thanksgiving, it’s  a little different.  A whole turkey laid out on the table can be a really tough thing to overlook.  Unless your whole family is joining the compassion crusade with you, you may have to choose between boycotting the holiday meals or finding a way to get through it.

Farm Sanctuary offers, among other wonderful things, a really fantastic program to make the holidays a bit brighter.  It’s a great chance to shine the light on compassion toward our fellow creatures, rather than focusing on the alternatives.  Every fall they offer an Adopt a Turkey program so that you can not only save a turkey, but it will help you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Share your adoption/sponsorship with your friends and family, and you will be surprised how many people start to think about turkeys as animals and more than just a meal.

Last year, my husband and I adopted a beautiful turkey girl named Elizabeth, and her adoption certificate has been hanging in my kitchen all year.  I plan to adopt a sibling for our virtual turkey family this year.

As for the other big question that arises this time of year, “What in the world will you eat if you’re not eating any turkeys?”  Well, if your feast is anything like all the ones I’ve seen in my lifetime, there are usually about 7-10 veg friendly items to choose from.   I have a feeling I’ll be just fine.  I have yet to walk away hungry!  Feasting on bountiful dishes full of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and nuts is much more in line with the origins of the holiday after all.

Stay tuned for some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes that you can bring and share.

Elizabeth says, Gobble Gobble, veggies are better for your health too!



  1. Love this idea! There are so many veg-friendly sides to choose from that I never go hungry at Thanksgiving feasts.

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