A Reader’s Results

I got the nicest e-mail this week, and wanted to share with you all the results and experiences of one of your fellow Beans Not Bambi readers:
“Hey I finally got around to reading this and loved it. I feel exactly the same on a lot of the opinions you shared, but I’m struggling with keeping that “nice” response when I hear people saying how they couldn’t live without certain foods. After watching Food Inc. I couldn’t imagine eating another animal, which thanks to you, is now possible.
A few weeks ago, I was drinking a gallon of milk a day (not counting the tons of chocolate milk I would chug) and I pretty much only ate meat. I only touched green stuff periodically because I knew it was good for me. With that diet, I was always complaining about how little energy I had all day. I used my prescription for Adderall as “energy in a pill” and most likely abused my body with how much I took.  Then, I would have a day where it would hit me that my body was getting too dependent on the drug, so I would quit using it for at least a few days. For those few days to a week, I was useless; I’d be in bed not even wanting to think because I’d be too tired.
Just in the couple weeks that I’ve been trying to go full vegan, I’ve almost completely cut out Adderall without any problems. I can wake up in the morning (although it still isn’t easy but I’m still noticing it getting easier) and the time it takes for me to be alert and ready to go is quicker than I ever remember.
And the food is great. I love cooking so it’s fun taking some time to make my food rather than ordering something that’s going to put me to sleep… especially with the extra time I have now since I’m not sitting down for hours a day, wondering why I have no energy.
So thanks. I feel more aware of what’s going on in the food industry and want to get it out to the public. And I feel great too.”
YAY!  Thanks so much for sharing your story!  You’re an inspiration to all of us!  Keep up the good work.
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