Dr. Fuhrman’s Program Featured on Dr. Oz

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the family physician we all WISH we had when we were growing up.  He would have saved a ton more of us from the common cold and ear infections and sore throats as kids.  He would have saved almost all of us from obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease as adults.  He would have prevented a massive amount of people from suffering from dementia in their golden years.  That is, assuming we would have taken his advice.  Assuming we would have listened.  Trouble is, his advice is almost so simple, it gets dismissed.  What’s his miracle message, virtually guaranteed to save you from every common ailment?  Eat your vegetables.

You already knew that?  So, I thought, did I.  I knew broccoli and brussels sprouts were good for me, but I covered them in butter and cheese.  I loved asparagus but I roasted it in olive oil.  In fact, I always chose the salad bar at Pizza Hut as a kid (but I loved that blue cheese dressing).  Then I grew up and gave in to the common perception that pizza is an all-American must-eat-it-or-you-are-weird kind of food.  Sure, I was getting my vegetables, but not at all in the way Dr. Fuhrman is recommending.  And I had NO idea how vitally important that message was.  Not a clue!

I listened to Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz show yesterday and was once again blown away by the power of eating right.  He had two very typical Fuhrman Followers on the program discussing how unbelievably easy it was to let the pounds melt away, and along with it went the heartburn, constipation, achy joints, and that 3 o’clock slump we all too often assume is normal.  One of them wasn’t overweight to begin with, but she experienced for the first time ever that her debilitating migraines disappeared.   This is a woman who routinely took 5-6 different medications a day.  Now takes none.  She even threw out the injections she used to take for migraines.  She won’t be needing them any more.  Why?  Because she eats her vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and follows Dr. Fuhrman’s advice!

Dr. Furhman makes the best analogy I’ve ever heard about the troubles of modern medicine and modern medication.  Almost all of the medication we take is to treat symptoms.  Symptoms are a big red flag that something’s not right.  It’s like having the low oil light flashing in your car, taking it to the shop, and rather than doing the obvious – giving the vehicle more oil so it can run properly, the mechanic just cuts the wire to the flashing light.  He pats you on the back and sends you on your way.  No more flashing oil light.  Only now you’ve covered up the symptom and you have clearly not addressed the problem in any way!  So it is with medication.  You can take a pill to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar.  You may stop feeling lightheaded, run down, or fatigued, but you have hardly addressed the problem.  This is especially true for most Americans who take a pill to treat one of those symptoms, and then go right on eating the same diet and living the same lifestyle that caused the problem in the first place.

Looking to turn all that around and start feeling more energetic, losing weight effortlessly, and slowly but surely removing the need for medication (with your doc looking over your shoulder of course)?  Looking to finally fix the problem, not just cover it up with an ever increasingly large band-aid?  Try Dr. Furhman’s program.  Buy a copy of Eat to Live.  it’s $5.99 on Amazon right now for crying out loud.  Read it.  Follow his advice.  Even though it seems too simple.  Don’t make it more complicated!

You’ll be eating more delicious food than you’ve ever eaten before.  You’ll lose weight (only if you need to) without hardly trying.  You’ll feel more energetic.  You’ll actually want to exercise, just for fun!  You will see the results.  You will love them.  You will then be inspired to send me a thank-you email with your success story at BeansNotBambi@gmail.com.  Operators are standing by.




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