Healthy, Fit, and Fabulous Initiative: Week 5

We’ve made it through 4 weeks.  We’ve made some serious lifestyle changes.  We’ve cut out fast food, excess sugar, and cheese, and we’ve gotten good at it!  Focusing  on eating more vegetables and fruits and whole grains has helped to find strength in this new nutrition plan, and it’s taken the focus off of what we ‘can’t’ have.  Right?  We’re really cooking with steam now!  I’m hearing reports of total weight loss from 4lbs to 20lbs!

So what’s new this week?  Just a couple things.  You can totally do it.

Nutrition Focus:

Drink plenty of water.  It’s so easy to forget when we’re focusing on food and planning ahead for eating meals and healthy snacks.  Drinking enough water is really important for your body to function.  Just like the blue-green marble we call Earth, water makes up an enormous amount of our bodies.  It’s crucial for life and of course for good health.  Running low on water is like depriving your vehicle of oil.  It just isn’t going to work right.  Aim to drink about 2L of water a day.  Since you’re choosing water over sugary beverages, this won’t be nearly as hard as it might have been in week 1.

If you’re ready for more of a challenge, wipe out dairy all together.   This week I’ve heard reports of the greatest weight losses yet.  No surprise, to be honest.  Cutting out cheese has helped almost everyone make some serious progress on their weight loss goals.  Remember how cow’s milk is intended to grow a baby calf at an astronomical rate?  Well, when we drink it, we grow too!  Only out, not up.  You’ve already tackled cheese which is the most potent form of milk that we consume.  Start looking for milk in other places and try to cut that out too.  If you’re wondering why even skim milk isn’t recommended, check out this post.  Butter, yogurt, ice cream, cream (as in coffee creamer), are all super common milk products we consume without even thinking about it.  As an added bonus, this is going to automatically take cakes, cookies, donuts, many desserts, and most baked goods off your plate.   They’re all loaded with butter and milk and sugar.  Trust me, you’ll thank me by the end of the week when you get on the scale!

Remember the crowding principle.  Focus on getting in lots and lots of veggies, fruit, and whole grains!  Revisit the recipe pages and simply search this blogroll for recipes to find new meals to try.  Use at least 3-4 of these recipes a week to make up your meal plan.


Exercise Focus:

Let’s amp up the time to 30 minutes walking at a brisk pace, or start jog/walking if you’re able to.  Consider a higher intensity exercise like Zumba or some kind of aerobics too.


Go to town!  Have fun with it.  Remember why you’re doing this, and make sure those reasons come to mind easily.  You want LOADS of angels on your shoulder when you have a temptation or craving for something the devil on your shoulder is drawing you to.

Have a great week!


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