How To: Shopping Made Simple

As we’re getting into a new way of eating, it’s important to make sure you have good food available.  This is probably the golden rule of successful, healthful nutrition – thou shall have access to real food!

I’ve made it SUPER simple by supplying a grocery shopping list, along with a week’s worth of meals and the corresponding recipes.  I’ve written many of my recipes as template recipes so you have the option to mix it up.  Pick out the veggies, pick a sauce, pick a grain, repeat.  It’s really that easy!  Using that method, I’ve made some of the easiest, tastiest, and most creative meals I’ve ever made!  Follow the recipes to a T, or get creative on your own and try new things when you feel comfortable.

Check out the shopping list, and you’ll find the meals and recipes there too!


Once you’ve looked over the list, check your fridge and your pantry.  See what you already have that might work just fine.  Only buy what you’ll need for that week!  No need to try to restock your entire pantry in one trip.

Have fun, and ask questions!

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