Healthy, Fit, and Fabulous Initiative: Week 1

Here we go!  Welcome to the program.  If you’re on board, you’re in for some exciting changes to come!  The focus for this first week is super basic.

Exercise Goal:  Walk 15 minutes at a moderate pace, no incline necessary.  Do this 5x’s during the week.

The main purpose here is to make time for yourself – just 15 minutes of it.  Just 5 days a week.  If you have trouble doing this, it should be a really big red flag for you.  This is an exercise in self-worth, in making it happen, and about taking baby steps to move toward your goals.  Wake up 15 minutes earlier and walk in your neighborhood.  Stop on the way home from work at a park or the mall or a parking lot.  Take a walk on your lunch break.  You are worth much more than 15 minutes of dedicated time each day, but most of us need to actually make a very conscious effort to make this happen.  Do it!  It’s ok!

Nutritional Focus:  Avoid fast food.

When it comes to shopping for food this week, consider where your food comes from and how it arrives in your possession.  The way to remember or evaluate this tip is: If you can obtain food without leaving the seat of your car, don’t eat it!  Even the salads at fast food restaurants are loaded with hidden ingredients – some salads have even more fat and sugar than a Big Mac!

The very easiest way to avoid fast food is simply to plan ahead.  It seems obvious, but the biggest pitfall and ‘trap’ that will prevent you from succeeding with this task is having to drive past a fast food restaurant with an empty stomach.  Make your life easy and don’t let that happen!  Don’t even tempt yourself.

Pack a lunch.  Bring a water bottle to work so you never confuse thirst for hunger.

It’s true, fast food is abundant.  In a way, it’s in your face all day every day.  I’m sure I’m like many people in that I can’t help but drive past a crazy number of fast food restaurants.  During my 20 minute commute to work, I pass:

Pizza Hut
a Shell Station
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell/KFC
a BP Station
Another Pizza Hut
Another Wendy’s
Another McDonalds
Another Starbucks

If I’m willing to go 30 seconds out of my way, there’s also a Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Boston Market, and Sheetz.  That’s not even counting all the chain restaurants.

That’s almost one option every single minute on my ride to and from work to ‘stop real quick’ to grab a bite.  It’s no wonder fast food options are so tempting.  If you even give yourself one minute to consider the temptation, and an empty stomach to lead you astray, there’s a place right there just waiting to serve you a Super-Size meal!   And that’s not even counting the other less dangerous options like the two grocery stores, Panera, Loafers, Whole Foods, and Subway.  If you have to eat on the go, consider choosing one of these options and choose from their menu carefully.

Have a great week!


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