Food Revolution Summit

Wow, what a week!  The Food Revolution Summit was really a fabulous opportunity and I couldn’t be more thankful to John and Ocean Robbins and all of the speakers for taking time out of their busy lives to put this together for all of us.  I listened to talks on everything from heart disease and cancer to genetically modified foods, to factory farming, global food concerns, to helping reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment on the planet we call home.

I heard from many of my favorite people who helped me start this journey in the first place, and I met new people and learned about a great deal of new resources as well as inspiring activities going on all over the world.

There are still some lectures left that you can listen to at least today if you’ve missed out so far!

Here’s the direct link to John Robbins’ own interview.  Available only for a limited time.

Yearning for more stuff like this?  Feel like you learn better in person?  Check out the Vegetarian Summerfest taking place in Johnstown, PA in June!  It’s an amazing opportunity to spend time face to face with some of the people involved in the Food Revolution Summit, and others just like them – visionaries helping lead us toward a better life!


*Note:  Better is defined not as ‘better than you’ as some people may mistakenly interpret, but rather better as defined by increased health and happiness, decreased pain and suffering, decreased disease and symptoms, increased energy, decreased mood swings, increased quality time with loved ones, and so much more.


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