The Simplest Way to Improve Health

If you’ve been following my Tweets or Facebook updates lately, you’ll know that I’ve had my nose buried in to fantastic books over the past month or so – Eat to Live and Super Immunity.  Both were fabulously written, easy to understand, and while they confirmed and supported everything I’ve already been doing, they were still loaded with new insights, better explanations, and wonderful motivation.  Both books were written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

I received an e-blast from Dr. Furhman’s crew last night, and I couldn’t hep but realize that what you’re about to read is perhaps the very best summary of healthy eating that I’ve ever come across.  I don’t know anyone that explains it any better.  Dr. Furhman has coined the term Nutritarian and I’d like to share it with you today.  Below is the e-blast in its wonderfully simple entirety.  For more information, follow the link at the bottom to learn more.


What is a nutritarian?

Simply put, a nutritarian is a person who strives for more micronutrients per calorie in their diet-style. A nutritarian understands that food has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices. A nutritarian is a person whose food choices are influenced by nutritional quality.

The secret to a long life and disease reversal is to eat a diet lower in calories but higher in nutrients. It is all about nutrient bang per caloric buck. This is illustrated by my health equation. Your health expectancy is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by your intake of calories or H = N / C.

This simple mathematical formula forms the foundation of nutritional science and nutritional healing. For you to be in excellent health your diet must be nutrient-rich (micronutrients) and you must not overeat on calories (macronutrients). When your body’s cells have adequate micronutrient density and diversity, the body’s ability to self-repair and resist disease is heightened. The uniqueness of my approach also centers on the concept that micronutrient adequacy also suppresses the desire to overeat, naturally reducing your caloric drive.

An important consideration in understanding this formula has to do with micronutrient diversity, not just the absolute number of micronutrients. Micronutrient adequacy (numerator) means we achieve enough of all beneficial nutrients, not merely higher amounts of a select few, while other micronutrient needs go unfulfilled. So focus on the nutritional quality of what you eat, but also on the proper spectrum of foods that supply the full symphonic orchestra of human requirements. This means that certain foods such as onions, seeds, mushrooms, berries, beans and tomatoes aid in achieving micronutrient quality.

The key of this high-nutrient approach is this: You achieve superior health and permanent weight control by eating more nutrient-rich foods and fewer high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. It works because the more high-nutrient food you consume, the less low-nutrient food you desire. Since the desire for these unhealthful foods will naturally diminish, what you need to do is focus on learning how to enjoy eating more high-nutrient food.

Are you a nutritarian ?

Eating Like a Nutritarian DVD

This DVD introduces you to the building blocks of eating like a nutritarian – someone who naturally prefers the most nutritious foods for the body. This is not a diet, it’s a proven plan for health and vitality. You will learn how to properly nourish your body so that it stays lean, fit and vibrantly healthy!

Filmed at Whole Foods Market, Dr. Fuhrman takes you through the high nutrient food aisles to show you what to buy and how to prepare the super foods that your body needs: vegetables, fruits, beans and the right fats and proteins. He also addresses the biggest dietary myths we have been told, ranging from misconceptions about olive oil to the truth about snacking.

Join Dr. Fuhrman on this path and you will easily reach your ideal weight and be healthier than you ever thought possible.

For more information, check out the books, the new DVD, or just go to 


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