Everyday Choices

Making choices about what goes into your body is not a new concept, not for any of us.  It’s just that we’re not always aware that we’re making choices.  The intricate system of beliefs and values that guides our choices is almost always invisible.  It’s a bit like living life through rose colored lenses.  You are seeing, and accurately so, but through a filter that you’re so used to, you forget it even exists.  Every single person has such a lens or filter.  Recognizing it and making a choice about that filter is the key to ultimate freedom!

What I mean by that is that every decision you make in your life is guided by a deeply ingrained set of beliefs and core values.  These are the things that enable you to act (or prevent you from acting) on everything from cheating on a test or telling a white lie, to helping an elderly person cross the street safely, or stopping to help an injured animal.

This set of values is so deeply ingrained in your subconscious that you can make thousands of decisions every single day without even thinking twice.  When it comes to which socks to wear, which shampoo to use, or which channel to watch while you’re eating breakfast, it’s not necessary to think twice.  But when it comes to what’s on your plate for breakfast… now that’s a whole other story.

What’s on your plate is the stuff that’s going to be fueling your body for the next several hours.  It’s what’s going to be making new brain cells, organ tissue, and blood vessels.  It’s the stuff that’s going to determine whether you suffer from heart disease this year or in 20 years, or never.  It might be contributing to your diabetes or protecting you from it.  It might be fueling cancer cells you don’t even know you have, or it might be extinguishing them before you are ever affected.

What’s on your plate and going into your mouth at every meal is the key to living an easy life or a hard life.  Today and every day that comes after it.  And yes, THAT is worth taking some time to think twice about.

Welcome to the Beans Not Bambi Blog and to an exciting adventure.


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